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Where This All Began

From an early age, I have had a passion for horses, and over the years have collected a lot of Equestrian Apparel, which I cherish. I love the history behind each piece , the smell of the leather and the unique with the patina developed from the leather and use. I love how leather regains its suppleness and strength with the correct care and treatments. Leather is an organic product, a by product but also a very sustainable and ecologically sound material. Unlike Faux materials many of which are plastic, leather will break down when no longer serviceable, it is a wonderful material to work with, and will last years. I use a combination of preloved English leathers, and locally sourced leathers from Somerset. This way I can be confident that the leathers have been treated in an ecologically sound way, and watercourses have not been polluted. The leather is more expensive, but it is a beautiful quality, and it will last.

Elysian Designs Cornwall Was Born

I also love handbags! Bags have always been a part of my style I have a different colour for every day! Practical and beautiful.. what more could a girl ask for? I've always enjoyed design, which I developed at College... too many years ago! So I decided to incorporate all the things I love into one business and Elysian Designs was born.

A late-night conversation with a friend ... Elysian .. meaning heavenly, or paradise seemed a perfect name for all the things I loved. What would you like? From my workshop at my stables, I began to experiment with different leathers and designs, which has bought to where I am today, bringing the collection to buy in the online shop, and taking commissions for that bespoke design so many people are looking for but can't find.

I make and can repair all leather goods including bags, belts, briefcases, dog collars, tablet covers, book covers, knife sheaths and anything else that becomes an idea.


A Place of Commitment and Creativity

The Heart of Elysian Designs Cornwall

We are proud of the way all our leather products are hand made, with great attention to detail.
To produce them takes time, time to choose the best quality leather, time to design, time to slowly stitch together, and time to ensure they don’t leave the workshop until I’m totally happy they are ‘just right.’
A Peek Into Our Sewing Atelier
All Products Are Handmade With Care & Love
We Use High Quality Sustainable Materials

Our Values Underpin Our
Company Culture


We create many individual and one-off pieces of work


We re-work repurposed equestrian equipment into many of our designs

Growth & Creativity

The possibilities are endless in what we can do with leather, 


We believe in producing a quality product with a long lifespan.

Want to Know More?

If you would like a bespoke piece from anything in our range or If you have a piece of tack from a favourite friend... Why don't you let me turn it into something special? 

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