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Repair Service

Repairs & Alterations

Looking for someone to fix your leather bag, backpack or accessory?

One of the biggest problems within the fashion industry from an environmental perspective is the throw-away society we live in, fast fashion. That’s why all our handmade leather products were designed to last, with a long life span as a result of high quality materials and artisanal hand production. To help extend the lifetime of all leather products I also offer a leather bag repair service for both Elysian Designs goods and other third party leather goods. The service is charge at the following rates:

Guide Price

The costs will vary depending on the complexity of the repairs required, however as a rough guide

Fixing minor areas of stitching defects
Replacing small items of hardware
Replacing straps

There will be a £10 postage charge to cover the cost of returning the item to the customer.

Please note: the cost of postage to Elysian Designs studio is also the responsibility of the customer.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements, for a quote and for further instructions about how to send your item for repair.